For this task he had to be individualized from the whole of the spirit. Only so the sequence of the necessary measures could be implemented and the process could be controlled. The necessity for the process wasn’t discussed any more within the whole of the spirit.

He felt at certain pleasure to notice the things separately now. Differently than in the whole of the spirit he could focus his view on individual points now after his individualization. Now he could recognize all space dimensions, time and the higher dimensions with all future possible developments and all possible developments since the origin.

Of course, the necessity for the introduced process could not be seen in the possible future developments following from the momentary condition, since there are no more future realities with the erroneous trend which are to be avoided by the sequence of measures. In all possible futures the community of the spirit has accomplished the necessary correction processes. In the hyper dimensionally area of all possible developments since time origin however, the erroneous trends were clearly recognizable without the necessary corrective measures.

For these measures it was completely sufficient to create the necessary material realizations in a four-dimensional projection of the hyper space. Also the part of the whole of the spirit, that was put in for his individualization, required a materialized bearer. A shape was chosen, with which at an oblong central-body at the upper end is a small body with communication- and information processing units; at the lower are two oblong parts, which serve mainly for the transportation of the body. At the sides of the central body are two smaller parts with gripping-limbs, able to manipulates or transport small material objects.

He created the material environment for the process, by unfolding a finite higher-dimension area in a space, consisting from only 3 space dimensions and a time dimension, but therefore considerably large. This area was filled with at large number of matter-spheres, which consisted themselves from very large numbers of smallest matter particles. Both between the large and the smallest matter particles there were a variety of mechanical reciprocal interactions with a balance between movement and attraction. Everything could develop and change but nevertheless there was always an equilibrium and the interacting systems remained stable.

He could tackle now the next step for the reaching of the actual purpose. On some of the spheres he activated processes, which led to the development of life cycles with continual growth and continual development. The simple organisms in these systems had the task to collect and store energy-carrying substances from their neigh­bour environment. Hereby the cousin of life for other organisms has been created. They received their energy from the concentrates of the simple organisms. Autono­mous bigger organisms, that could move locally independent, originated. Also within these, there were simpler creatures that were either consumed by the more highly developed creatures due to their energy stored in the body or they were domesticated, just to serve the more highly developed creatures with their body-strengths or with liquids, produced by their bodies originally in order to feed their own descendants.

An important basis of the process is, as will be explained later on, the principle that the development should not be influenced in its free interrelation. For this reason he did not influence the process of coincidence and selection based development of the higher autonomous organisms. Just to take no influence he avoided a view into the future. Finally one of the spheres highest living forms have been developed which were considerably large, but unsuitable for his aim. He terminated this attempt in that he steered smaller in the area moving matter-lumps against the big the organisms carrying sphere. This led there to one temporary revocation of the life-bases for the big-organisms, that vanished with it within shortest time.

Then, he exerted nevertheless direct influence on the development. The organisms now remained smaller and developed the intelligence and skills necessary for their types. With the bearer-type chosen for the process, he took direct influence and steered the development so that the type came his outer form very near in the end.

These creatures were suitable in order to start the process.

They all received now a small droplet of the joint spirit. Consequently, the autonomous organisms changed into inspired bodies. They had at limited lifetime in their bodies. Within this time interval they could decide perfectly responsible on their actions and arrange their life. This principle of the self-responsible freedom of choice leads to the fact that for these inspired creatures a selection became possible, depending whether these quantum parts of the spirit have decided themselves for the good or for the bad side.

In the course of the time with this process an increasing number of souls have decided themselves for the bad side. These quantum parts of the joint spirit could now be separated and there was no way back to the whole of the spirit.

Hereby the purpose of the process was fulfilled. The community of the spirit had found a way, how to be able to pursue its own quest after thoroughness.

He knew that the process of the soul selection on this sphere in his space would soon be finished. In many generations a large number of malicious souls had been separated there, which increasingly are acting as nuisance on this space sphere now. At the beginning of the process he inserted a concentrated black spirit originated from earlier selection processes, consisting  from a larger number of separated quantum parts of the spirit. This had at important catalyst effect for the selection process. It had direct influence possibilities on the souls which are to be selected and was therefore at substantial component of the examination of each individual soul.

The growing influence of the bad spirits had the effect in the course of the time, that more and more of the soul carriers decided there position away from their affiliation to the common spirit to material temptations in their environment. In the first two thirds of the process duration he could point these developments easily into the barriers, by destroying a larger part of the physical carriers of the souls by direct measures. For this he used one of the material manifestations which were called by the soul carriers at that time as the 4 Basic elements, which were fire, water, air and earth. He used such an oversized amount of every single element that thereby many bodies of the soul carriers were destroyed. This caused usually, that the souls in the survivor bodies recognized him due to his demonstrated power and they again felt connected to their origin.

They had no direct memory of their affiliation to the community of the spirit, but in their feelings they could feel their origin clearly. For this reason they had therefore strong longing anuses to contact the community of the spirit. Actually they could feel this contact strongest, if they mead and their whole attention to this establishment of contact dedicated. For this purpose they built special buildings and established fixed meeting times, in order to celebrate the establishment of contact together. With increasing influence of the dark spirit these places became more objects of material self-manifestation as places where the community of the spirit could be met.

Hereby the possibility of clear separation between good and bad portions of the joint spirit was now no longer possible as in the beginning of the process. The majority of the souls could not assigned any more clearly to one of the sides.

It therefore whores him ever more to select and separate parts of the community of the spirit since he was actually part of it and he felt intimately connected thus to each individual soul. From now on, only the real bad souls became separated and the weak souls, which had given way to the material temptations and recognized and changed this failure before the lifetimes of their bodies were finishes, they were accepted after completion of the life in their bodies to go back into the large spirit.

Since the portion of free black souls in the course of the time constantly grew, he increased the number of the inspired bodies, in order to keep the portion of the soul carrier in relation to the bad spirits below a certain ratio. But also with this measure will finally a concentration be reached, which leads to a development which will finalize into brut force.

The developments in this direction began already quite early. The soul carriers did their disputes around material distribution with destructive intensity and here the life-spans of the bodies of many soul carriers abruptly had been shortened. With increasing number of inspired bodies therefore these disputes became more intensive. Finally it came to massive body destructions that have been in the order of magnitude comparable with those punishing destructions specified above, which he did himself with the one or more of the 4 elements. It was something characteristic for the grown influence of the dark spirit, that the body carriers did not turn back to the common spirit, as a reaction to these massive destructions. Even after these disasters everyone was running faster behind the aim of material advantages than before. They also did not recognize his power for these mass destructions, but thought themselves alone in the possession for the organization of their fate.

This idea was the deeper reason that the confrontations with huge numbers of body-destructions became more and more unnaturally. They were based less on survival- and distribution-fights and more and more on power-imaginations of groups of the soul-bearers, who wanted to dominate the others.

For him there was never a reason to intervene in the forcible confrontations. Admittedly the lifetimes of the soul-bearers were clearly shortened frequently, but this had no qualitative effect on the selection-process. The community of spirit made its choice after the souls were separated from their bodies. Especially in these times of forcible confrontations, the behaviour of the soul carriers made it easy to divide between white and black souls. Consequently, these times were especially useful for the process.

His task will be fulfilled with the end of the processes on his spheres and he will coalescence with the community of the spirit again. Another individuality is formed then in order to continue the selection - and cleaning-process of the big spirit at other places.

K. Schmitt, 02.08.06,